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Building a Biogas Plant to Supply a Farm Household

Farm technology again for FarmFriday courtesy of FFTC Archives. This is a  concise howto on building  a small Biogas plant that can supply the energy needs of a farm household. This technology was developed by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam.Biogas Plantread the full howto on Building a Biogas Plant to Supply a Farm Household at the FFTC archive….


Contact Info:

Department of Agriculture and Forestry Extension,
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam
Fax: (84 4) 823 6403, 2002-07-01


Multi-Purpose Paddy Sowing Machine

FarmFriday is back again after a long rest 🙂 and today we feature this machine  developed by the Department of Agriculture of Thailand. We got this from our friends over at FFTC.

Multi-Purpose Paddy Sowing Machine

This machine attempts to resolve the following problem encountered using manual sowing “for a consistent spread, farmers have to constantly cast the seeds from their shoulders by hand. As a result, they suffer from extreme fatigue by the end of the day. Consequently, they are often unable to complete sowing on schedule, thus resulting in low yields and high costs.

To overcome this problem, the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI), Department of Agriculture, Thailand has successfully designed and developed a paddy seedling sowing machine that can be installed with a pesticide sprayer of any make, either a specific pesticide sprayer or a multipurpose sprayer.

Continue reading about the Multi-Purpose Paddy Sowing Machine here…

Contact Info:

Agricultural Machinery Development and Testing Group,
Agricultural Engineering Research Institute
Department of Agriculture, Thailand
Paholyothin Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand
Tel: 66-2940-5582
Fax. 66-2940-5582
E-mail: aed@doa.go.th, 2005-12-01

Examples of mechanical dryers in Southeast Asia

Farm Friday found this bit in the IRRI Knowledgebank about dryers that have gained popularity in usage in SEA. “The dryers featured here are not neccessarily the best technical solution but, because they are accepted by the users, they seem to offer a good compromise between drying cost and benefits in terms of higher quality and weather risk avodiance in their specific settings.”

continue reading about the mechanical dryers here…

PhilRice Farm Machines: MicroTiller

By popular demand we will be posting again farm machines developed by government and research institutions in Southeast Asia. Again here’s PhilRice with their microtiller which is just perfect for small family farms and those starting out on mechanizing their rice farms.  Am not sure if this machine is the one designed also for use in rice terraces nor if this was invented by fab Filipino scientist inventor -Dr. Leocadio S. Sebastian.  Would appreciated anybody who can share more info on this machine.  Maybe somebody can convert this to run on solar cell-charged  industrial/auto batteries then it would be even more awesome.

Quick info:

# Portable. Lightweight and can be easily dismantled to facilitate transport in steep terrain
# Simple design. Utilizes parts that could be easily bought in local stores
# Efficient. Works well even in fields with knee-deep hard pans and long stubbles
# Fast. Works at least 24 times faster than the traditional method of foot trampling

Read the detailed machine specifications  here…

Philippine Gov’t distributes to farmers and fisherfolk State-of-the-Art BIF Freezers

This is a very interesting tidbit which we stumbled upon while googling for the filipino inventor Mr. Hernando Decena because we were interested in this agribusiness forum  given by MAP about “Cutting Big Post Harvest Losses Using Filipino Invented Multifunction Freezing Machine”. BTW, go visit the MAP website and subscribe to their e-newsletter –might interest you in attending their agribusiness forums and inspire you to launch your own agribusiness venture.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) of the Philippines is setting up multifunctional freezers across the country in keeping with government efforts to provide farmers and fisherfolk with easy access to state-of-the-art postharvest facilities that will considerably shave their production plus marketing expenses and thereby boost their incomes.

A project of the DA’s National Agribusiness Corp., the government is acquiring this year 98 multi-functional ice-making machines using a relatively new brine immersion freezing (BIF) technology that will allow fisherfolk, for example, to store their fish in standard Styrofoam boxes for two to three days without using ice and still retain their fresh quality and taste, according to Nabcor spokesperson Kathyrin Pioquinto.

By first freezing fish or meat items in these BIF freezers using the liquid quick freeze (LQF) method, users can then store these commodities in conventional freezers or refrigerators for as long as six months to a year and still retain their quality and taste, Pioquinto added.

continue reading about RP Gov’t Providing Farmers, Fisherfolk with State-of-the-Art BIF Freezers here…

Keeping your fruit orchard bird free

What’s worse than schoolkids raiding your treasured fruit orchard? why, those pesky fruitbirds of course! FarmFriday shares this interesting research paper in the Japanese Journal of Farm Work Research entitled Protection of Citrus from Bird Damage by a Dog.  The text is in japanese but the abstract is in english:

Effectiveness of a dog (Canis lupus familiaris) for protecting citrus fruits from bird damage was investigated using a citrus orchard (5.8a in area) in the harvest season. In Exp. 1, a Border collie shepherd (male) was tied to a wire extended along oneside of the square orchard to allow him to run along the inner side of the orchard. This watchdog system was effective in reducing fruit damage by birds (mainly brown-eared bulbul) only in the citrus tree row nearest to the dog runway. In Exp. 2, the orchard was enclosed with a tall chain-link fence and the same dog was allowed to move freely in the orchard. In this case, he persevered in chasing birds until they flew away from the orchard. This watchdog system effectively reduced bird damage to citrus fruits all over the orchard, resulting in an increase of crop yield by about 17.5kga-1 per day. Further study is needed on the optimum number of dogs released per unit orchard area and the effectiveness of the watchdog system in case when this bird control system is spread to all orchards in the citrus-growing area.

read the full research on Protection of Citrus from Bird Damage by a Dog here (PDF)…