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AsiaDHRRA, CSA host North-South Learning Exchange Visit for its members and partners

Brussels, Belgium – AsiaDHRRA and Collectif Strategis Alimentaires (CSA) hosted the North-South Learning Exchange in Belgium and France on 2-10 May 2017. This exchange visit aims to look at various models of “territorial development” as EU’s approach for sustainable rural development.
2b visit
The event brought together the members of AsiaDHRRA and leaders of their respective partner people’s organizations, mostly members of the Asian Farmers Association (AFA), key representatives of ASEAN, namely the RDPE and cooperatives sectoral bodies, and the Secretariat, and partners of the CSA such as members of Fédération Wallonne de l’Agriculture.

The delegation visited Gembloux City and interacted with representatives of Reseau Walloon de Development Rural (network for rural development) and Grouperments d’Action Locale (local action groups). The said groups implement agricultural and non-agricultural development activities in the Walloon region with co-funding from the EU and the Walloon Government.

2c visit again
From Belgium, they proceeded to France and visited various Farmers Organizations including the Cooperative for Utilization of Agricultural Machines of La Croix au Bois, Au Panier Vert Agricole Cooperative, Prosperite Fermiere Cooperative, Prim’Allia/Expandis in Marchais, Wine Cooperative, Coopérative Fermes de Figeac, Farmers Dairy Cooperative, and, Ségala Agriculture et Energie Solaire Cooperative.

The delegation visited several agricultural cooperatives to discuss successes and challenges in establishing and sustaining various models of farmers’ cooperatives and enterprises. Of interest are experiences in territorial rural development where farmers’ organizations take central role.

The North-South Learning Exchange visit was organized as part of the Regional Cooperation to Empower Rural Development Organizations in Asia (ReCoERDO-Asia), with support from the EU.

AsiaDHRRA, CSA to hold North-South Learning Exchange Visit

AsiaDHRRA conducts regional training-workshop on financial sustainability for NGOs and RPOs

Cebu City, Philippines – AsiaDHRRA organized the “2nd Regional Training of Trainers (ToT) on Financial Sustainability: Social Enterprise and Project Development” on 6-8 April 2017 at Montebello Villa Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines.

The training-workshop aimed at providing venue for DHRRA leaders and staff, as well as their respective partner-rural people’s organizations’ (RPOs’) leaders, to appreciate social enterprise initiatives by agri-cooperatives (LAMAC and GlowCorp), some DHRRAs, understand its key success factors, and, learn from its challenges. The training-workshop also targeted to reinforce project development skills of participants through proposal writing. It was attended by 40 DHRRA secondliners and leaders of their partner-RPOs from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and, Thailand.

1d 2nd ToT

This training-workshop is part of a series of regional ToTs for leaders and secondliners of DHRRAs and partner-RPOs to be implemented through the ReCoERDO-Asia program.

AsiaDHRRA holds PMEAL training for FOs

Hanoi, Vietnam – AsiaDHRRA, through VNFU, conducted a training-workshop on “Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (PIMEAL)” last 25-26 March 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This training-workshop was organized in response to VNFU’s expressed need to enhance project management capacities of its provincial staff, as well as, officials of members and partner farmers’ organizations (FOs) at the local level.


It was attended by at least 20 participants from VNFU’s local offices and from FOs being supported by AsiaDHRRA and CSA.

AsiaDHRRA, VNFU conduct knowledge exchange workshop on cooperative

Hanoi, Vietnam – AsiaDHRRA, together with Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires (CSA), Vietnam Farmers Union, and the Asian Farmers Alliance for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), successfully co-organized the “Workshop on Knowledge and Experience of Agricultural Cooperatives in Vietnam and Delivery of Services to Accelerate their Growth and Development” on 27-29 March 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was made possible for AsiaDHRRA through the Knowledge Management task in AgriCord on agri-cooperatives. Invited were other AgriCord member agri-agencies working in Vietnam, namely, Agriterra , We Effect , and FFD who anchors the KM task. Other key national organizations provided substance to the workshop such as the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development and the Vietnam Cooperative Association.

1c Viet Coop

The workshop was a follow through of from the 2016 ASEAN Cooperative Business Forum (ACBF) held in Manila and from the Post-ACBF Regional Planning Workshop by FOs that were both co-organized by AFA, AsiaDHRRA, We Effect, and, CSA together with the government of the Philippines through its Cooperative Development Authority.

The follow-through national workshop was among a series of initiatives that would help local partners in Vietnam strengthen their cooperation among themselves, with other stakeholders, including the government. It was aimed at:

  1. Sharing of knowledge and experiences on good practices for strengthening and supporting agricultural cooperatives in market access, value chain participation and provision of services to their members;
  2. Providing inputs for review of agricultural cooperatives on the form of best intervention practices that can serve as model for intervention strategies to strengthen agricultural cooperatives.
  3. Determining key priority focus areas of work that would help accelerate the growth, strengthening of agricultural cooperatives including mechanisms of cooperation among primary agricultural cooperatives;
  4. Providing greater and deeper understanding on the dynamics of agricultural cooperatives vis-à-vis international principles an characteristics agreed and set forth by the members of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA);
  5. Gathering important insights on the processes involved in transforming old cooperative models to the new cooperative model based on the 1997 Cooperative Law and its revisions in 2003 and 2012 ; and
  6. Identifying areas of collaboration and cooperation among partners in working with agricultural cooperatives in Vietnam.

It was participated by at least 70 participants representing cooperative leaders from different communes, districts, and, provinces, as well as from national alliances such as VNFU and Vietnam Cooperative Alliance.

Click here to download summary of workshop results.

Local and National Farmers’ Organizations in Indonesia Exchange Experiences, Technologies, and, Learning

10b FO forum

Yogyakarta, Indonesia – AsiaDHRRA and Bina Desa, together with CSA and Agriterra, organized a three-day farmers’ organizations (FOs) and partners exchange forum, with the theme: “Building Synergy and Cooperation among Partner FOs and Their Supporting Agri-Agencies in the Development and Growth of FOs.” The forum and synergy was held last 22-24 May 2016 at Sheraton Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia with support from AgriCord and the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs (DGIS, Netherlands). It was attended by at least 33 representative from agri-agencies, and, leaders of national and local FO, namely: Aliansi Petani Indonesia (API), Amanah Cooperative, Kooperasi Permata Gayo, Komunitas Swabina Pedesaan Salassae (KSPS), Ngudi Makmur, Ngudi Mulyo, Petani Organik Dairi, Serikat Paguyuban Petani Qaryah Thayyibah (SPPQT), Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI), Kelompok Petani Alami (KPA), and, Wahana Masyarakat Tani dan Nelayan Indonesia (WAMTI).

The forum is the very first in bringing together FO leaders supporterd by their respective agri-agencies under the Farmers Fighting Program (FFP) in Indonesia. It aims to:

  1. Enable FOs to meet and to learn from each other, and their support organizations, as well;
  2. Link local work of partner FOs with national, regional, and global developments impacting agriculture, food systems (production, markets), identify issues, challenges faced, and solutions; and,
  3. Facilitate discussions on strengthening of FO services to members and plans for areas for joint action, learning exchanges and other forms of cooperation.

A presentation of case briefs written by 9 local FOs were presented covering three agricultural commodities: beras (rice), kopi (coffee), and, kakao (cocoa). The cases featured each FO’s unique experience in influencing local units of national government agencies and local programs and budgets to support their economic initiatives. The forum also featured a walk-through exhibit wherein FOs showcased their respective technologies and products.

The three-day activity was capped with a field visit in the cacao farms of Ngudi Mulyo in Gunung Kidul. It was an opportunity for the FO leaders to engage each other on the available on-site farm technologies implemented by Ngudi Mulyo.

One concrete output of the exchange visit was the commitment made between two FOs Ngudi Mulyo and Ngudi Makmur—the latter will sell rice seeds to Ngudi Mulyo at a lower price than the commercial seeds. Both Ngudi Mulyo and Ngudi Makmur are being supported by InDHRRA.

AsiaDHRRA is a member of the Agricord since 2012.