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Farmbots to the farms!

Wired: These May Be The Droids Farmers Are Looking For

Robots for TechTuesday! Bots in the farms is pretty interesting in itself coz, well, they’re robots. Apparently commercial farmers are enamored with robots because they help address the farmers’ perennial problem of labor costs and labor availability. But you have to wonder though the sense of this as world population continues to increase which means an increase also in human labor pool- do we really need robots to work the farms when there’s so much human labor available?

When it comes to farm robots, fruit gets all the attention. But it looks like trees and shrubs could win the prize for first significant agricultural market for small mobile robots.

Massachusetts startup Harvest Automation is beta testing a small mobile robot that it’s pitching to nurseries as the solution to their most pressing problem: a volatile labor market.

Continue reading the farmbots increasing presence in agriculture in Wired Mag…


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Guidelines in using the Maligaya Flatbed Dryer

FarmFriday has this to share to our readers who have installed the maligaya flatbed dryer or planning to install one. Here’s a few reminders from PhilRice:

  1. Check/monitor the temperature of drying air, air static pressure at the plenum, and grain depth when operating the dryer.
  2. When drying palay for seed purposes, the temperature should not exceed 43oC.  For commercial purposes (milled rice), a higher temperature of  up to 52oC can be used.

Continue reading the rest of the guidelines in using the Philrice dryer here


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PhilRice Machines to use biodiesel

Crossposting from PhilRice (they’re up again) this interesting news:

Farmers can soon cut on fuel expenses as the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) tests the efficiency of its developed biofuel on machines.

The plan is an offshoot of a recent lecture by Dr. Rico O. Cruz, an expert on biofuel from Oregon, USA, who promoted Cruzesterification, a process of producing biodiesel from used vegetable oils. “Producing biodiesel using Cruzesterification makes the production of biodiesel as “easy as making coffee, in which the catalyst is the coffee, alcohol as the sugar and oil as the hot water. Blend the three ingredients and you a have a coffee or a biodiesel in minutes,” Cruz said.

continue reading “PhilRice machines to test biodiesel”over at PhilRice….

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Managing your pigs with the LongArm

The Long Arm

Say you have a thousand head pig farm going, and you’re alone to do all the work. How would you herd your pigs from one place to another? Enter canadian pig farmer Mary Haugh. She came up with “The Longarm”, “a roller that dispenses a swath of red cloth–a sort of farm version of the retractable lane guides that movie theaters or banks use to guide the pigs. Pretty nifty invention! It already won several Agri Awards in North America. Yup its FarmFriday!

visit their website to view the video and learn more about this farm invention…

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Building a Biogas Plant to Supply a Farm Household

Farm technology again for FarmFriday courtesy of FFTC Archives. This is a  concise howto on building  a small Biogas plant that can supply the energy needs of a farm household. This technology was developed by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam.Biogas Plantread the full howto on Building a Biogas Plant to Supply a Farm Household at the FFTC archive….


Contact Info:

Department of Agriculture and Forestry Extension,
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam
Fax: (84 4) 823 6403, 2002-07-01


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Multi-Purpose Paddy Sowing Machine

FarmFriday is back again after a long rest :-) and today we feature this machine  developed by the Department of Agriculture of Thailand. We got this from our friends over at FFTC.

Multi-Purpose Paddy Sowing Machine

This machine attempts to resolve the following problem encountered using manual sowing “for a consistent spread, farmers have to constantly cast the seeds from their shoulders by hand. As a result, they suffer from extreme fatigue by the end of the day. Consequently, they are often unable to complete sowing on schedule, thus resulting in low yields and high costs.

To overcome this problem, the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI), Department of Agriculture, Thailand has successfully designed and developed a paddy seedling sowing machine that can be installed with a pesticide sprayer of any make, either a specific pesticide sprayer or a multipurpose sprayer.

Continue reading about the Multi-Purpose Paddy Sowing Machine here…

Contact Info:

Agricultural Machinery Development and Testing Group,
Agricultural Engineering Research Institute
Department of Agriculture, Thailand
Paholyothin Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand
Tel: 66-2940-5582
Fax. 66-2940-5582
E-mail:, 2005-12-01

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