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PH Agri-agencies host IYFF Partnership Night

24 November 2014, Quezon City, Philippines – The agri-agencies in the Philippines (PH Synergy)—Agriterra, AsiaDHRRA, CSA, Trias,  and We Effect, —hosted the IYFF Knowledge Learning Market-Policy Engagement (IYFF KLM-PE) Partnership Night, which aimed to introduce AgriCord and PH Synergy to the engaging government agencies, partner farmers organizations, and other civil society groups.
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PhilDHRRA celebrates its 30th founding anniversary

18 November 2014, Cebu City, Philippines – PhilDHRRA pioneers, members, former and current staff gathered in a simple celebration of the network’s foundation in 1983 in Cebu City.
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DHRRA celebrates 40th Anniversary

YANGON, MYANMAR – A simple gathering of some pioneers ,DHRRAs, and partners  marked the celebration of DHRRA 40th founding anniversary. The night was filled with sharing of stories, talents, and culture of DHRRAs.


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AsiaDHRRA convenes 9th General Assembly

group photo

YANGON, MYANMAR — AsiaDHRRA successfully held its 9th General Assembly in Yangon, Myanmar on 2-4 October 2014, hosted by MyanDHRRA. In celebration of 2014 International Year of Family Farming, the GA’s theme is “Empowering Family Farmers and Building Resilient Communities in Rural Asia: The role of civil society organizations, government, and the donor community.”


Among the highlights of the event are the presentations from global (UN-FAO, AgriCord), regional (AFA, GIZ-BRIA, AsiaDHRRA), and local partners (FSWG-Myanmar) on sustainable development perspectives and initiatives for building partnerships towards empowered resilient grassroots communities; and, a panel discussion and small group discussions on four thematic priorities for civil society engagement: building resilient communities (KoDHRRA), developing social enterprises (Bina Swadaya), transforming agriculture governance (Action Aid), and, spirituality and rural development (InDHRRA).


The GA approved the “AsiaDHRRA Strategic Thrusts 2015 – 2020: Towards a vibrant farmers’ organizations and resilient agricultural communities.” The assembly has also elected the new set of Executive Committee for the period 2014-2018, as follow:

Ms. Dwi Astuti, InDHRRA – Chairperson
Mr. Saravanan Sinapan, DHRRA Malaysia – Vice Chairperson for SEAsia
Mr. Sung Lee, KoDHRRA – Vice Chairperson for North Asia
Mr. Kya Moo, MyanDHRRA – Vice Chairperson for Mekong
Ms. Wen-Chi Huang, TaiwanDHRRA – Woman-at-large
Ms. Marlene Ramirez – Secretary General

The Secretariat and the newly elected ExeCom will convene an operational planning by 1st quarter of 2015.


The three-day event was capped by a field visit in a farming-fishing village of La Har Yet in Thanlyn Township, Yangon Region. It was hosted by the Agriculture and Farmers’ Federation of Myanmar (AFFM).


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AsiaDHRRA Statement in support to the “KM71 Martsang Magniniyog” (coconut farmers’ march) in the Philippines

In support to the cause of 71 coconut farmers from the Philippines undertaking a long march to ask the President of the Philippines to establish a coconut farmers trust fund and in support to measures to ensure agrarian reform is fully implemented in the country



We, member-participants to the 9th Assembly of AsiaDHRRA, a network of rural development NGO networks in Asia, gathered here in the building of Catholic Bishops Conference of Myanmar (CBCM), Yangon, Myanmar on 2-4 October, 2014, have learned about the cause of our partner PAKISAMA, a member of Asian Farmers Association (AFA), in pursuing the establishment of a 71 billion-peso coconut farmers trust fund, and their continuous advocacy for agrarian reform implementation. Continue Reading →

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Asiadhrra to hold 9th General Assembly in Myanmar on October 2-4, 2014

9th GA backdrop_web

Asiadhrra will hold its 9th General Assembly on October 2-4, 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar.  The event will also commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the DHRRA Network which was born in 1974 in Swanganiwas, Thailand ushering the birth of country DHRRAs accompanied by CENDHRRA until 1994, when AsiaDHRRA was evolved to focus on the regional DHRRA network process. It will conclude with the approval by the General Assembly of  the AsiaDHRRA thrusts and strategic objectives for 2015-2020.

The General Assembly will commence with a Regional Forum on the theme of: “Empowering Family Farmers and Building Resilient Communities in Rural Asia:  The role of civil society organizations, government, and the donor community”.   (Please see attached a provisional Program).

It aims to bring together AsiaDHRRA partners in the development community to take stock of the progress of rural development and poverty eradication efforts in our region and identify strategic areas for action by the network and its members, hand in hand with many of its partners. It also hopes to create further convergence of understanding among  DHRRA leaders and development partners on the priority issues confronted by family farmers, small scale food producers, and marginalized rural communities in the context of the International Year of Family Farming 2014.  Likewise, having the GA in Myanmar will bring a deeper understanding among DHRRA leaders and partners of  the rural development context and strategic areas for cooperation in Myanmar, in light of the on-going and planned cooperation in the country with partner farmers’ organizations, CSOs, and other rural development players, including government.

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