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AsiaDHRRA, traces its earliest roots to a three-week Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (DHRRAW) in 1974 held in Swanganiwas, Thailand. About 120 rural development workers and practitioners gathered to engage in dialogues that focused on the challenges and responses to rural development. Now, it is a regional partnership of 11 social development networks and organizations in 11 Asian nations that envisions organized rural communities that are just, free, prosperous, living in peace and working in solidarity towards self-reliance.

To contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic well-being of members of rural people’s organizations in Asia, AsiaDHRRA aims to play the role of:

  1. Promoter and catalyst of partnership relations, creating opportunities for genuine people-to-people dialogue and exchange;
  2. Facilitator of human resource development processes in the rural areas; and
  3. Mobilizer of expertise & opportunities for the strengthening of solidarity and kinship among Asian rural communities.


From 2016-2020, AsiaDHRRA will focus on the following work areas:

Support Programs to Rural People’s Organizations (RPOs)
Investments on the development and growth of RPOs that are able to 1) benefit from the economic opportunities resulting from the increasing volume of traded agricultural food and commodities; 2) effectively influence policies and participate in public agricultural programs; 3) deliver services to their members to support increased production, better agricultural services, effective natural resource management, and cares for the nutrition of women and children and 4) establish effective local mechanisms to address disaster risk reduction and post disaster agricultural rehabilitation.

Regional Movement and Policy Advocacy
The complementation and relationships between and among CSO and RPOs, in particular CSOs’ facilitating role in policy dialogues with government and various food and agriculture governance bodies, in the engagement with private sectors, and in their participation in public programs.

Partnerships, Networking, and Knowledge Management
The strengthening of the AsiaDHRRA network and its member DHRRAs as support organizations and agri-agencies providing services to rural people’s organizations and as catalysts of development processes and mechanisms needed to broaden and deepen the impact of its collective work.

2015 – 2020 Strategic Direction

The AsiaDHRRA Execom

Dwi Astuti,
Secretary General, InDHRRA / Binadesa  (Indonesia)

Dr. Sung Lee,
Vice-Chairperson, North Asia
President, KoDHRRA  (Korea)

Mr. Saravanan Sinnapan
Vice, Chairperson, Southeast Asia
President, DHRRA Malaysia  (Malaysia)

Mr. Kya Mu
Vice-Chairperson, Mekong
Coordinator, MyanDHRRA, (Myanmar)

Dr. Wen-Chi Huang
President, Taiwan DHRRA, (Taiwan)

Ms. Marlene Ramirez
Ex-Officio Member
Secretary General, AsiaDHRRA Secretariat

The AsiaDHRRA Secretariat Staff


Ms. Marlene D. Ramirez, Secretary General
Ms. Lorna M. David, Finance Manager
Mr. Nonoy Villas, Program Manager
Mr. Cezar Belangel, Program Manager
Ms. Mags T. Catindig, Program Manager
Mr. Christopher Gapuz, Program Assistant-KM
Ms. Rosalou Czarina Pila, Program Assistant-M&E
Ms. Jocelyn B. Dalino, Accountant
Ms. Lida Nalangan, Finance and Admin Assistant
Ms. Gundina G. Sales, Project Accountant
Ms. Sharon Lafita, Project Accountant
Mr. Jet Hermida, Contracted Service
Mr. Rey Encarnacion, Contracted Service
Mr. Samuel Maduro, Contracted Service


Contact Us :

Ms. Marlene Ramirez
Secretary General
Room 201 Partnership Center,
59 C. Salvador Street, Loyola Heights
1108 Quezon City, Philippines

Phone (632) 436.47.06 | (632) 426.67.39
Email: asiadhrra@asiadhrra.org
URL http://www.asiadhrra.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asiadhrra

The DHRRA Network Locations

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