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AsiaDHRRA traces its earliest roots to the 1974 Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia Workshop (DHRRAW) held in Thailand. It is a regional partnership of eleven (11) social development networks and organizations in ten (10) Asian nations that envisions Asian rural communities that are just, free, prosperous, living in peace and working in solidarity towards self-reliance. To achieve this, the network’s mission is to be an effective

  1. Promoter and catalyst of partnership relations, creating opportunities for genuine people-to-people dialogue and exchange;
  2. Facilitator of human resource development processes in the rural areas; and
  3. Mobilizer of expertise & opportunities for the strengthening of solidarity and kinship among Asian rural communities.

The Tasks Before Us

Guided by our vision and rooted in the needs of our partners and members, we pursue our work according to five program areas.

Leadership Development. AsiaDHRRA provides opportunities for rural leaders, both farmers and development workers, to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude so that they can perform their roles as visionaries, network builders, consensus builders, synthesizers of information, advocates, and keepers of the covenant.

Regional Policy Advocacy and Movement Building. AsiaDHRRA aims to promote and advocate for the network’s rural development agenda and alternatives while actively facilitating the formation and strengthening processes of the Asian Farmers’ Alliance for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA).

Constituency Building and Resource Development and Management. AsiaDHRRA aims to expand the support base of rural development in Asia by creating better public awareness and recognition of rural development issues and alternatives and at the same time develop and generate needed resources to sustain development work.

Management Information System Program.
AsiaDHRRA harnesses its own information resources and shares in aid of effective advocacy through print and electronic publications. The network also aims to document relevant insights from field experiences.

Organization Development and Management Program.
AsiaDHRRA facilitates basic DHRRA organizational capacity building processes towards a stronger regional partnership. It aims to strengthen membership relations towards a common network goal. The program also aims to ensure AsiaDHRRA’s institutional linkages are relevant and complementary to its network agenda.

Partnership building through effective dialogue and exchange is our essence. Come and dialogue with us!
The AsiaDHRRA Execom

AsiaDHRRA 2010 ExeCom






Dr. Wenchi Huang,
President, TaiwanDHRRA  (Taiwan)

Dr. Yoshikuni Yatani,
Vice-Chairperson, North Asia
President, JaDHRRA  (Japan)

Ms. Bunjong Siri
Vice, Chairperson, Mekong
Secretary General, ThaiDHRRA  (Thailand)

Ms. Dwi Astuti
Vice-Chairperson, Southeast Asia
Secretary General, InDHRRA/Binadesa, (Indonesia)

Ms. Marlene Ramirez
Ex-Officio Member
Secretary General, AsiaDHRRA Secretariat

The current AsiaDHRRA Secretariat Staff


From left:

Mr. Jet Hermida, Program Staff
Ms. Elena V. Rebagay, Program Officer
Ms. Marlene D. Ramirez, Secretary General
Ms. Jocelyn D. Dalino, Accountant
Mr. Nonoy Villas, Program Manager
Ms. Lorna M. David, Program Officer

Contact Us :

Ms. Marlene Ramirez
Secretary General
Room 201 Partnership Center,
59 C. Salvador Street, Loyola Heights
1108 Quezon City, Philippines

Phone (632) 436.47.06 | (632) 426.67.39
Telefax (632) 426.67.39
Email: asiadhrra@asiadhrra.org
URL http://www.asiadhrra.org

The DHRRA Network Locations

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