AsiaDHRRA, AFA participate in the AgriCord General Assembly 2017

Brussels, Belgium – AsiaDHRRA’s Secretary General Ms. Marlene D. Ramirez and AFA’s Chairperson Mr. Lyam Darji participated in the AgriCord General Assembly held on 15 – 17 November 2017 at AgriCord Headquarters in Brussels. Representatives of other memebr agri-agencies member and their respective strategic-FO partners attended the annual event.

The Asian delegation, Lyam Darji Chairperson of AFA, Jagat Deuja of Community Self-Reliance Center (support NGO to NLRF), and Marlene D. Ramirez Secretary General of AsiaDHRRA, with AgriCord President, French farmer leader Jean Francois.

The discussion focused on the relevance of Farmers Fighting Poverty (FFP) in the context of rural transformation and promotion of the autonomy of Farmers’ Organizations.

Aside from discussing business matters, the group also visited the farm of Beauffaux (St Denis) owned by Régine and Jean Mailleux in Rue de Beauffaux, La Bruyère, Belgium. The farm practices cattle farming and polycropping of cereal (wheat, barley), beets, endives, and corn. Régine, a qualified teacher, made their farm an “educational farm,” which now includes a learning center for school children.

AsiaDHRRA is an Agri-agency member of AgriCord since 2012

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