AsiaDHRRA at the 12th ASEAN SOC-COM

Jakarta, Indonesia— AsiaDHRRA, represented by Ms. Mags Catindig, attended the 12th Coordinating Conference on the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (SOC-COM) held on 15-16 May 2017 at the ASEAN Headquarters. The annual conference gathered the members of ASEAN Committee of Permanent Representatives, Chairs/Vice Chairs of various ASEAN Sectoral Bodies under the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) pillar, representatives from select sectors under Political Security Community pillar, and, select affiliate regional entities.


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The Conference discussed, among others, the ASEAN’s research initiative on complementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ASEAN Vision, ASCC’s draft monitoring and evaluation framework, and, proposed conceptual paper on promoting “Culture of Prevention.”

AsiaDHRRA shared some key finding and recommendation from its regional policy study on SDG and ASEAN Vision. Specifically, Ms. Catindig conveyed that discourses on SDGs and ASEAN Vision 2025 do not usually reach local communities hence the low awareness on the said development blueprints. Since implementation of both SDGs and ASEAN Vision 2025 require multi-stakeholders’ participation at various levels, ASEAN and national implementing agencies should create and/or establish mechanisms that ensure participation of communities and civil society. In achieving SDGs and ASEAN Vision, NGOs and people’s organizations could contribute in popularizing SDGs and ASEAN Vision, in implementing development programs and projects on the ground, and, in data gathering and/or monitoring of these blueprints.

AsiaDHRRA is an affiliate entity of the ASEAN.

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